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From the beginning to the end

Pure is a new kind of food for your pets, based on natural ingredients and holistic care. We believe in comprehensive care and looking after the welfare of pets from when they are very young and throughout their lives.

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Holistic Care

Care begins from the inside out for happy, playful pets full of life. To achieve this, at Pure we select the best fresh, local and natural ingredients, using fresh meat that provides greater biological value along with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants appropriate to the needs of pets at every stage of their lives.

Fresh MEAT

The fresh meat - of chicken, lamb and fish - that we use in Pure is suitable for human consumption and provides proteins of high biological value, greater digestibility and all the essential amino acids.

Cooking process

Because we cook our products from the heart, as you would at home, using fresh ingredients, cooking slowly and at low temperature, we maintain the quality and benefit of the original nutrients and maximise their assimilation.

All our products are single protein, which eliminates the risk of allergies or intolerance to a specific protein.

natural ingredients

Fresh and local, with all its nutritional value intact. Each ingredient is carefully selected for a single purpose: to provide maximum nutrition.

avantis quality

Why choose Pure?

At Pure, we manufacture our products with holistic ingredients of the highest quality. From a careful selection of proteins, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins we create food that cares for pets from the inside out, promoting their immune system, energy levels, health and thus their well-being and happiness.

Natural Antioxidants

Free radicals are eliminated by decreasing the ageing of body cells

Omega-3 Omega-6

Provide anti-inflammatory properties and help maintain healthy skin and shiny fur


Promote the proper development of the nervous system reducing the risk of tumours

Prebiotic effect

FOS + MOS promote the growth of intestinal flora, thus improving digestion and absorption of nutrients

High digestibility

Ingredients of the highest quality and high digestibility to maximise the absorption of nutrients


Promote digestion in dogs with sensitive stomachs or with a propensity to suffer digestive disorders

Bones & Joints

Proper calcium/phosphorus balance foments good development of the bones and joints in growing puppies