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Trending Issues in the Pet Space

By Minnie Mururi on Jun 26, 2021
Trending Issues in the Pet Space

Despite the pandemic bringing panic and uncertainties, it has brought the need to stay healthy and the focus has continued in 2021 both in the human and pet food industries.




The pet industry was dominated by sustainability and e-commerce trends. However, the health and wellness trend has now dominated the industry since the pandemic started. Let's have a look at how the new trend has shaped the pet food industry.


Health and wellness in the pet food Industry

The covid-19 pandemic has put health and wellness in the spotlight for both humans and pets. Pet parents have expanded this focus to their pets. The major contributing factor was perhaps fueled by many people working from home that led them to spend more time with their pets. This has obviously shaped the way people shop for pet food.


The pandemic has made people focus on their health more than ever. They have realized that because of their poor health and underlying health issues, the pandemic has become deadly and uncontrollable. They have started focusing on what they eat and doing the same for their pets. This has contributed to the demand for healthy pet food. Here are the trends in the health and wellness pet shaping the industry


  1. Ingredients for Functional Health Support

 Of course, the ingredients in pet food play a big role in providing the health and wellness all pet owners are looking for. Today, we have seen that many pet owners are going for pet food that helps boost immunity . Ingredients that are of health benefits like minerals, vitamins, probiotics, zinc and many others have been given much attention.

What are some of the health and wellness trends pet parents are looking forward to seeing in 2021?

There is an increase in demand for functional ingredients that support healthy skin, digestion, bone strength, joint integrity, cardivascular health and anxiety. Pets have different health needs and pet parents today want pet food that has ingredients that support these needs.



  1. Meeting the Customers needs

All pet parents are looking for pet food that meets the health and wellness needs of their pets. Consumers want to see labels on pet food that give accurate and clear information about the ingredients used and their health benefits.

Consumers today are more attracted to pet food products that promise health and wellness benefits to their pets. They want products that have been fortified with ingredients like vitamins, mineral omega 3 since these ingredients are known to have a health benefit.

  1. Age-related Products

Age-related products are trending today and new pet food products are being produced to address several conditions associated with aging pets.

Pet parents are also looking for pet products that are safe with fewer side effects. With pet parents been keen on how their pets feed, pets are living a longer life. This, therefore, make the pet owners look for pet food that gives complete nutrition to senior pets and those that support joints, heart, kidneys, hearing, vision and urinary tract health.

  1. Natural and Organic Treats

The pet food industry today mirrors the human trends. It is no doubt that the natural and wellness category has continued to grow at an alarming rate. Pet parents today are looking for natural remedies that tackle specific needs like grooming, oral care, flea and tick eradication, stain and odor removal and clean-up solutions.

Most pet owners are looking for optimal diets that offer complete nutrition, a balanced diet and supplementation for pets.

  1. CBD and hemp-based Products

CBD and hemp-based products have become popular in the pet food industry. This trend has directly been adopted from the trends in human food and the surface of this category has been scratched.

It is the responsibility of retailers to pass along product information to consumers. They must have a supply of products that they have tested and are confident in. Above all, the products they sell should be effective and functional. They should always choose quality over quantity.

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