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Dry vs Wet Food - Which one is Better for Pets?

By Minnie Mururi on Jan 27, 2022
Dry vs Wet Food - Which one is Better for Pets?

Today, the selection of dog food is bigger than ever before. It offers the taste and nutrition value that every dog needs and the buyer is spoilt for choice.

So, which pet food is the right one? Is dry pet food better than wet food?


The type of dog food you feed your pet doesn’t matter, but rather the content. This means both dry and wet food should provide the nutrients, vitamins and minerals the pet requires for healthy growth and well-being.

The ingredients used to manufacture both the dry and wet food should be of high quality. Both pet food and dry food have advantages and disadvantages, but your choice entirely depends on your pet’s needs.

To advise your customers accordingly, here are the pros and cons of dry and wet food you should know.

What Are The Differences Between Wet and Dry Food?

The only main difference between dry and wet food is the water content. This doesn’t mean dry food does not have any water content, it has a little amount of about 3% to 12%. On the other hand, wet food has a water content of about 60% to 84%.

The water content difference between dry and wet food affects their shelf life, whereas dry food has a longer shelf life.

There is also a significant difference between dry and wet food in regards to calorie content. With dry food, pets consume lots of calories after consuming small quantities. On the other hand, pets must eat twice as much to reach the same calorific value.

Dry food is the best when it comes to dental hygiene. The hard consistency of dry food helps to clean their teeth.

What are the Advantages of Dry Food?

Dry pet food is high in calories, and therefore, pet owners only need to feed their pets in small quantities to meet their pet’s daily needs. This makes dry food a cheaper option when compared to wet food.

Dry food is also clean and convenient. It doesn’t cause messes when a little ends outside the bowl. In case of any messes, it is easy to clean with a broom or a vacuum cleaner. In addition, odourless dry food is easier to pack and carry during holiday vacations.

What are the Advantages of Wet Food?

Whilst dry food is advantageous to the pet owner in terms of cleanliness, convenience and price, the advantages of wet pet food benefit the pet. If pets were given a chance to choose what they want, they will always go for wet food since it tastes and smells better to them.

The high water content makes it easier to meet the pet’s fluid requirement than dry food. Wet food is the best alternative for pets that don’t drink much water.

Wet food is a better option for obese pets. Due to the low calories per portion, pets can eat a great deal without exceeding their calories requirements.

Is a Combination of Wet and Dry Food Advisable?

Since both wet and dry food has different advantages and disadvantages, the obvious conclusion would be to simply feed pets a combination of both. However, you shouldn’t mix them when serving your pet. You can feed them both wet and dry food at alternative times.

However, when feeding your pet dry food, make sure the daily intake does not exceed the daily requirement due to its high-calorie content. 

If your dog has digestive problems, it is advisable to just stick to one type of food. Changing between dry and wet food can lead to diarrhea and constipation for pets with sensitive stomachs.

In case your pet is in love with one type of food and tolerates well with it, feel free to stick with it.

The Content is What Matters!

When choosing pet food for your pet, make sure to check the ingredients list on the packaging. What you feed your pet is more important than the type of food you choose.

At all times, your pet needs high-quality pet food that caters to their nutritional needs and ensures healthy development.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to pet food. All pets are different, and therefore, every pet needs different food depending on their energy requirements, age, weight and general health.

According to the American Kennel Club, great dog food contains meat, vegetables, grains and fruits. The best pet food is made from high-quality ingredients that are appropriate for their digestive system.

The best pet food is free from too much grain preservatives, artificial flavor enhancers, and sweeteners. Therefore, when choosing the best food for your pet, make sure to carefully look at the label.

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