Why Should Pets Feed on High-quality Food?

Por Minnie Mururi el May 1, 2022
Why Should Pets Feed on High-quality Food?

Does the pet store near me sell high-quality pet food? Many people today are more aware that certain chemicals and preservatives in pet food pose high health risks to their pets. We always do our best to make sure we eat high-quality natural food to eliminate disease and improve our energy level. The same principles apply to our pet’s food too.

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What pet food quality does the pet store near me sell?

Unfortunately, most pet parents feed their pets with over-processed pet food. These foods are chemically altered and do not resemble natural meat or vegetables.

The food does not have the required requirement to sustain your pet’s life and make sure they live a healthy life. The worst part is that pets will never question what you feed them. It is, therefore, important to always make sure to feed them with high-quality and nutritious food.

What can we do?

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Are you sure about the quality of food sold at your favorite pet food store? It is essential to understand the importance of good pet nutrition for your pet. We have many companies that claim to manufacture nutritious pet food, but we need to know and understand the quality of food they manufacture.

Unfortunately, if you feed your pet poor quality food, you will expose them to chemicals and additives that are bad for their health every single day. Exposing your pet to these harmful ingredients makes them vulnerable to hormonal disorders, cancer, and other high-risk diseases.

However, with more people understanding the importance of healthy pet nutrition, the pet food market is rapidly growing with quality food becoming available. Today, natural and free additives written on pet food package is not enough. It would be best if you learned to analyze and evaluate labels to make sure you buy food that is high in nutrition.

Here are ways you can use to ensure you buy high-quality food for your pet.

  1. Read the ingredients list carefully

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The ingredients written on the pet food pack will enable you to make the right choice when buying your pet’s food. The ingredients are listed in descending order with each ingredient listed by weight.

Choose pet food that has ingredients labeled as real meat, whole grains, and vegetables to make sure your pet gets the nutrition they require. Avoid pet foods that have ingredients that have unnamed meat meals or partial grains, for example, ‘meat meal’ or ‘corn-gluten meal. These ingredients are just sub-standard sources of proteins instead of the real proteins.

Avoid pet food with potentially harmful Ingredients

Just like us, pets too react to artificial preservatives and can lead to health issues like cancer. When artificial preservatives are used in pet food, they limit bacterial growth or inhibit the oxidation of food.

Studies show that pet food has the same preservatives as our food. Considering that pets are smaller than humans, you can imagine the consequences of taking these preservatives. It is advisable to avoid pet food that has these preservatives.

Artificial flavors and coloring are also not good for your pet. They include corn syrup, molasses, and MSG. These artificial flavors are used to disguise poor-quality food. Artificial coloring only entices pet owners into purchasing. However, these artificial colorings have no nutritional value and could only lead to health issues. Besides, your pet doesn’t care about what the food like. All they need is to eat.

You have all the power when it comes to your pet’s nutrition. Always make sure you check the ingredients before deciding on buying your pet food and treats.

Avoid Unnecessary Fillers

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Fillers are added to the food of pets to add dietary fiber but have no nutritional value. They are lower in quality and less expensive as compared to higher quality, and more biological ones. Therefore, you must give your high-quality pet fiber that comes from vegetables and whole grains.

Plant-based booster is another type of filler. Most pet food companies use cheap grains to manufacture pet food. This is an inexpensive method to manufacture pet food that has the required protein and fat for your pet. Protein fillers include corn gluten, corn, soybean meal, and you should ignore any food that has these ingredients.

What is High-Quality pet Food?

Before buying food from pet stores, you need to ask yourself several questions to be sure about the quality. “Does the pet store near sell pet food from legit suppliers?” “What are the ingredients in the pet food you are about to buy?” 

You must know what the best food for your pet is. High-quality pet food is manufactured with actual ingredients that make up the diet. The best pet food should not be refined, and ingredients like vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, proteins, and whole grains should be minimally processed.

Also, high-quality pet food should not contain by-products, fillers, artificial colors, or chemical preservatives. A proper pet diet should include ingredients like omega-3 fatty acids or omega -6 fatty acids.

Why should you feed your pet High-quality Food?

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The food you feed your pet gives them energy and plays a significant role in their health and their overall well-being. Most pet food only provides the basic nutrients to sustain their life, but high-quality food will give optimum nutrition.

High-quality pet food is easy to digest. By ‘digest,’ we mean the nutrients from the food that are absorbed by the body. Most low-quality pet food has ingredients that are not absorbed by the body but passed out as stool.

Besides digestibility, low-quality foods contain preservatives, artificial flavors, and synthetic chemicals that can pose serious health risks to your pet. 

Our pets can feed on the food we eat. However, the nutrients in our food might not be enough to give them enough energy and nutrition they need. Does the dog shop near me sell high-quality food? If it does, you can give your dog alongside your food.

Our pets do not have an option. They can feed on the same food every day without complaining. They can take food with artificial flavors, chemicals, and fillers without knowing or doing anything about it. They do not have a cheat day as we do. Therefore, If you feed your pet low-quality food every day, they will have a cheat day every day. 

If you ever find yourself always saying, “I am not sure about the quality of food in the pet store near me,” then you need to look for a better place to buy your pet’s food. We should always be responsible pet parents and make the right choices for our pets.

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