What Makes Pet Food Healthy?

Por Minnie Mururi el Aug 29, 2022
What Makes Pet Food Healthy?

Pets give us unconditional love every day. But how do we reciprocate this affection? Often, we tend to reciprocate the love by spending time with them to develop an unbreakable bond.

As much as you care about creating a bond with them, you also need to consider pet nutrition which is vital for your pet’s well-being. And with great research, you can find the best and most healthy pet food to show them how you love them.

Numerous factors come in handy for a pet to have a long and happy life. The quality of pet food is where it all begins.

Before buying any type of pet food, you need to consider the quality of the manufacturer, the stage of a pet’s life, the health well-being of the pet, and the pet’s allergies.

Here are things to consider before putting food in the bowl of your pet.

The nutrients level

Nutritious pet food provides all the nutrients your dog or cat needs to thrive and live a long and healthy life. Make sure to check if the labels have the following nutrients;

1. Proteins- Proteins are essential for pet nutrition because they are the building blocks for tissues. On the pet food label, you will see chicken, beef, fish, soy, grains and vegetables as the source of proteins. 

Proteins help pets grow strong and build muscle. Therefore, beware of pet food that has too much or too few proteins because it can lead to health problems.

2. Carbohydrates - Carbohydrates provide energy and fiber. On the pet food label, you will see ingredients like barley, rice, soy and oats.

3. Minerals and vitamin supplements - Just like us, pets need vitamins and minerals to improve their metabolism, digestion and immune system.

The best pet food has vegetables and high-quality grains that provide these vitamins and minerals. On the pet labels, you are likely to see antioxidants-rich vitamins E and C and essential vitamins B, D, A and K.

You will also see minerals like sodium, zinc, calcium and phosphorous. This is why Avantis pet food brands are made with high-quality ingredients, minerals and supplements to ensure pets are getting the proper nutrition that has all the building blocks to help pets become healthy.

4. Fats - The right amount of fat in pet food is essential for providing energy and maintaining healthy skin. For this reason, Avantis pet food brands are formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of pets.

Always Go for Quality

When choosing pet food, always consider buying from reputable manufacturers who focus on quality standards. 

So, how do you determine if a manufacturer is committed to producing healthy and quality pet food?

The best way to make sure that the manufacturer is producing healthy and safe pet food is by ensuring that they follow and meet the manufacturing guidelines set by European Pet Food Industry Federation (FEDIAF)

The European Pet Food Industry Federation ensures among other things, that the ingredients used are safe and tested before packaging and being marked as complete and balanced. 

All Avantis pet food brands meet and exceed all the nutritional standards laid by European Pet Food Industry Federation and guarantee all customers safe, healthy and complete nutrition for pets.

However, quality pet food doesn't only stop at balanced and complete. It encompasses safety too. Before any pet food brand is released to the market, it should first go through clinical tests where studies are done involving real dogs and cats.

Doing this not only helps determine the right nutritional level but how palatable the pet food is. After all, a great pet should offer nutritional benefits to pets.

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The Right Food For Pets

Pet's nutritional needs depend on their age, stage of life, allergies, and overall health condition. For example, obese pets will benefit more from pet food that helps them maintain a healthy weight. 

On the other hand, if a pet is sensitive to grains will do well with a grain-free diet.

It’s important to start your pet with the right food and continue to change as your pet ages. Puppies and kittens require different nutrients mix when compared to adult dogs and cats. 

Avantis pet brands for puppies are easily digestible and are formulated with nutrients that help with healthy development including, bone and joint growth and healthy brain development.

Senior pets have their nutritional needs too. They need nutrition that supports their vitality and mobility, immune system and easy digestion.

Behind the Package

It doesn’t matter how attractive the package is. Yes, attractive packaging is a contributing factor to increased sales but not sustainable if the quality is low.

In pursuit of research and innovation in the pet food industry, the healthiest pet food manufacturers employ the insights of veterinarians, PhD nutritionists, and scientists to create products that offer complete and balanced nutrition to pets.

Guided by research, companies like Avantis formulate their pet food with a specific balance of nutrients to meet pets’ needs depending on their size, age and special needs.

Every pet is different and so are their nutritional needs. There is one size fits all when it comes to pet food. Your choice requires a deep thought factoring in your pet’s age, size and general health status. 

It’s therefore, important to do adequate research beforehand before choosing any pet food to ensure feeding your pet with food that offers complete and balanced nutrition for a happy and long life.